Community & Charity

We set out our commitment to the community and charity within our Community Engagement Poilcy. We are a socially responsible organisation and take our involvement in the community very seriously. Some of the ways that we demonstrate this are:

Carers Support Merton : we have a strong relationship with Carers Support Merton who do excellent work within the community of the London Borough of Merton to help and advise the many self funded and voluntary carers who are quite frankly unsung heroes. Cheryl is a member of the Board of Trustees.


Business In The Community (BITC) : we are committed supporters of the BITC initiative which has been in existence for more than 30 years and is a member of The Prince’s Responsible Business Network


The Alzheimer’s Society & Dementia Friends Initiative : we are each members of the society and trained Dementia Friends. Cheryl is a fully trained Dementia Friends Champion and is able to provide support and advice to others and to give them the necessary training to become a Dementia Friend.

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Chamber of Commerce : we are full members of the Chamber of Commerce in Merton and Kingston and we support their work within the community and with local charities.

Charity Shop Gifting : through our business activities our clients often identify items which they wish to dispose of, which, whilst reusable, would be either financially punitive to attempt to sell on their behalf or are indeed unsellable. We recommend to clients in these instances that they gift those items either to family or to charitable causes via high street charity outlets. Whilst we will always respect our clients’ choice of charity we also have a list of preferred charities to whom we regularly gift items and recommend them to our clients in the absence of a preference of their own.

Charitable Fund Raising & Donations : we are committed and frequent volunteers for charitable fund raising events and to see who we support please click on our blog for the latest news. We also make regular donations to a number of charities.