Mission Statement

Every Home Matters provides exceptional home support services to private clients and social services to improve their standard of living and wellbeing.

Working with our trusted partners we provide practical solutions to alleviate stress involved with moving house for individuals and families, whatever your personal circumstances. For instance, signposting professional organisations and charities to the more vulnerable in our society who need our help in these stressful times.

As well as working with many private clients, Every Home Matters is also funded via direct payments from social services, housing associations and charities. The company is conscious of the fact that funding from the social sector and charities is limited; this is a growing concern in supporting many vulnerable clients and Every Home Matters is looking to assist those who are less wealthy by turning Every Home Matter into a Community Interest Company. Our aim is to work closely with social services, charities and professional organisations to become a central hub in signposting and supporting individuals’ needs.

With communities and families becoming less and less interactive and with cuts to social services and schemes becoming more widespread, it is inevitable that loneliness, isolation becomes increasingly endemic. Where vulnerable people are failing to be identified and assisted, they are both a danger unto themselves and are open to exploitation and abuse from less reputable organisations, tradespeople and scammers.

In many cases, managing one’s home is the least priority a person living with trauma, health problems, lack of mobility or disability. Likewise, those being discharged from hospital or moving into care are often left at the mercy of complete strangers, who deal with the organising of their home and their personal assets without any supervision or regulation.

Every Home Matters’ services are completely bespoke; it does as much or as little as the client requires, which results in a flexible service that is suitable for almost any relevant situation.

Depression, as with the vast majority of mental health conditions, is often brought on by a significant, sometimes traumatic event or circumstance. It is commonly characterised by self-neglect and neglect of one’s environment; this symptomised by problems in dealing with everyday tasks such as laundry, washing up, paperwork and the like.

Hoarding is a growing issue that can arise out of similar conditions and which will reach an epidemic if left unchecked. Severe hoarding is often associated with compulsive disorders and those with the condition often feel compelled to keep hold of all of their possessions.

That said, there equally seems to be an increase in what could be classed as circumstantial hoarding, whereby people hoard as a result of incapacitating conditions, both physical and mental. In either case, the environment is frequently rendered a fire risk and individuals are left facing eviction.

Where in the past, families, friends and neighbours – the community – would support each other, many middle-class clients, whose property is their only asset, are being left to their own devices. Despite having paid taxes all their life, they are now being victimised and overlooked as a result of budget cuts. While the logical solution might be to downsize one’s home, moving to a new area would in many cases be more traumatic and could cause further loneliness and isolation.

Over the course of thirty years spent working in the property industry, the company’s founder was privy to a host of stressful scenarios being undergone both by individuals and those around them. After personal circumstances put the founder in one such scenario herself, Cheryl Carter created Every Home Matters as a means of tackling these very real problems and helping other people to survive some of their most difficult periods in life.

Every Home Matters Ltd is committed to providing support for independent living, helping families and organisations from all backgrounds in the wider community to improve your home and wellbeing.

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