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I’m Cheryl, the founder and owner of Every Home Matters. I was born and raised in Wimbledon and have now been settled, a stone’s throw away, in Surbiton, for more than twenty years, where my partner and I, have raised our two sons. I find it especially hard to contain my passion and enthusiasm for what we do, because I know what an amazing tailor-made service we provide for every single one of our clients. Since setting up Every Home Matters in 2013, I am proud to say that we have grown as a business delighting our clients in all aspects of our support services.

Having held senior management positions within the private sector during my prior career this has allowed me to hone excellent organisational skills. More than thirty years experience in the property profession in Surrey and South West London has afforded me a sound understanding, appreciation and knowledge of not just marketing and managing property and estate, but more importantly of people and the unique challenges that every individual property owner faces. I have witnessed and learnt from a full spectrum of economic impacts upon property and home owners, from the extremes of the 1980s boom years to the lows of two deep recessions.

Reorganising your living space, moving home or making home improvements, such as an extension, are stressful life events for anyone. Coupled with other more traumatic life events such as divorce, serious illness, later life, bereavement or family and financial pressures, this can be overwhelming. During my career I have seen that there is a great need to provide support for people in these situations. Sadly I have also had direct first-hand experience of caring for and supporting family members living with disability and mental health conditions, which has given me a strong understanding of just how overwhelming and challenging life can be for many people in these situations without support, let alone having to face the prospect of moving, or rethinking how they use their living space.

Many people have sought independent advice from me over the years and I felt that a solution to the problem was long overdue, so I am extremely proud that we are able to provide much needed support services. I am told that my clients always appreciate my empathy, compassion and confidential ear, especially those experiencing major upheaval or personal trauma in their lives, in addition to the stresses of moving home or rethinking their living accommodation. Treating everyone in the way that I would like to be treated and having an immovable belief in integrity and professionalism at all times has underpinned not only my work life but my personal life too.

I feel a strong sense of social responsibility and so I am regularly involved in supporting, raising and contributing funds for national and local charitable organisations and for local schools. I frequently take part in charity runs, walks and other events. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of Carers Support Merton a charitable organisation which provides outstanding support for carers within the community in the London Borough of Merton and which is part of the national organisation, Carers Support UK. I have been awarded the nationally recognised NVQ Diplomas in Child Care, which were put to good use as both a Special Needs TA and as a Pre-School TA during a break from full-time work whilst my sons were very young. I love to spend my spare time with family and friends and always find time for the gym and my other passion, running.