How we work


Your initial enquiry via email or telephone call starts the process. Whichever way you make contact with us, we like to talk with you by telephone initially to see how we can help you and to make sure that our services will offer you best value, before proceeding further. If you wish to proceed further the next step is for us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.


We want you to feel totally comfortable with us from the start to the finish of our services for you. This not only means with how we plan to carry out our services with you, but also with us, the Every Home Matters team. For that reason we always begin with a free, no obligation, consultation, in person at your home, although sometimes it is possible to conduct this via Skype or Facetime.

During our meeting we will discuss what your requirements and objectives are, and view your home and/or the areas where you would like the work carried out. Our aim is to collect sufficient details from you to enable us to form an exact picture of how you wish for us to support you. From this information we can then devise a bespoke plan of action and scope of services to suit you. You may choose to work alongside us for certain organising type activities although that is not essential and we are totally self sufficient.
You will have total peace of mind knowing that any information that you provide will always be treated as strictly confidential and that your details will be held strictly in line with current Data Protection Act legislation.

Proposal & Contract

Following our consultation meeting we will prepare a detailed proposal for your consideration. The proposal will contain all details relating to services offered, along with our contract Terms & Conditions. If you wish to engage our services the next step is to sign and the date the proposal and Terms & Conditions, then return them to us. This will be the basis of a contract between us and on receipt of the signed document we can confirm start the date.

Work Stage

Once we have started we will monitor and report progress and advise of any changes that arise as we proceed. Any changes arising that have a time or cost implication will be raised for approval before proceeding further. Completion of our services will be confirmed in writing.

Work Activities

It is important to note that some work activities take longer than one expects. We endeavour to manage and plan those activities to ensure that programme is not delayed or prolonged and with strong co-operation between all parties also this can be achieved.

Contact Us

Please contact us today and we will help you every step of the way.