Community Engagement Policy

This policy supports our Sustainability Policy and sets a basis for our community engagement activities.

We are committed to engage with communities in key areas relative to our business. Our commitment is demonstrated by our voluntary and charitable work in the community, our involvement with Business in the Community (BITC), our membership of the Chambers Of Commerce and our direct involvement with the charitable organisation, Carers Support Merton

We focus on the following areas:

Social Enterprise

  • Support social enterprise businesses that tackle social problems or improve communities or the environment

Social Inclusion

  • Help improve the quality of life for socially excluded people such as the homeless, elderly and people on low incomes
  • Assist with employability for individuals falling into groups such as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and NLFET (Neither In The Labour Force, Education or Training)

Community Groups

  • Support charitable organisations and community groups directly or through gifts in kind.
  • Where possible, support organisations using our core skills; donating our time and expertise

Education & Training

  • Endeavour to engage with schools, colleges and universities to promote our industry / profession
  • Promote training within our supply chain

Staff Engagement

  • Offer volunteering days for staff
  • Provide matched charity funding for staff

This policy is effective from 01 April 2016