Keep or Dispose

Deciding what you are going to keep and what you are going to dispose of is a key step in organising your possessions and belongings, whether it be to declutter your home, or in preparation to downsize to a new home for example.

We provide guidance and advice to our clients on decisions about their belongings, valuables and non-titled property, and can assist with the disposal of these in a thoughtful and ethical manner. We will never tell you what you should keep or dispose of; that decision is always within your control. Whatever the decision you make though, generally means that your items will fall into one of five categories; keep, sell, recycle, shred or discard.

We are able to prepare inventories and valuations for the purposes of auction or chattels, for example and we can support you through the process of selling your possessions via a number well known, reputable auction houses within London and The Home Counties.

Sometimes it is very hard to let go of items that you have become sentimentally attached to even if they have no intrinsic value or use any longer, or even if they take up much needed space within the home. In this instance we are able to offer Memory Media Pack solutions and/or Storage solutions both of which allow one to hold on to those much loved items without needing to accommodate them within ones home.