Any homeowner selling and buying property has to juggle the services of solicitors, estate agents, financial advisors, chartered surveyors, removals and possibly trades people, while still trying to continue daily life. When the stress and trauma of divorce, health issues or bereavement becomes the reason for downsizing, the process of selling the family home, distribution of possessions and moving on can be emotionally challenging.

Moving to a smaller property to improve quality of life and possibly free up some capital is another major decision and downsizing might also allow one to live more independently, or perhaps more easily if ones health or mobility have declined.

We have a firm understanding of every step of the process involved in downsizing, moving on from the family home, and resettling in your new home. We have strong empathy for our clients needs and bring together our experience and expertise as specialist organisers, property professionals and project managers, to offer a comprehensive support service solution.