Moving : Introduction

Although moving home can be an exciting prospect it is nevertheless one of the most stressful activities we might undertake in our lives.

We specialise in supporting you on your journey to your new home, no matter what your circumstances are, managing the entire process and guiding you through the transition, every step of the way. And because we are specialists in the field of move and relocation management this also includes:

  • Senior Move Management
  • Downsizing
  • UK & International Relocation
  • House Clearance
  • Probate and Chattels Valuations and Inventories.

We provide practical and effective solutions to alleviate the stresses and strains of moving home and our home moving support service offers a comprehensive solution with customised action plans to suit your timescale and budget, allowing us to fully support you through your selling and buying decisions including:

  • home contents inventories
  • organise, sort and declutter your home and contents
  • safe passage for your legacies and gifts
  • valuation arrangements & property agent liaison
  • home staging and viewing management
  • property finding & selling
  • dilapidation surveys
  • house survey result implementation
  • professional sales and purchase liaison with all parties
  • rental / lease management and liaison
  • packing, removals and shipping
  • room plans and layouts
  • de-boxing, unpacking and resettling
  • utility readings and registration
  • mail redirection
  • exit and entry cleaning services
  • temporary storage

When time comes to move home, let us take the initiative in helping you achieve a better result with less stress and more confidence. Our experienced and highly motivated team are eager to help, whatever your needs, taking care of all your requirements with empathy, compassion and integrity to support you all the way to your new home.