Space Planning & Organising

Sometimes our living space can feel untidy, disorganised and perhaps uncomfortable to live in even when we have made every effort to keep it tidy and clutter free. Other times we wish we had more storage space or feel that we could perhaps put more energy into a room by rearranging it or buying new furniture, but we either don’t have the time, don’t know where to start, or don’t feel that we have achieved the desired effect.

We can help you achieve the perfectly planned and organised living space that you have always wanted and we will help you with practical storage solutions for your belongings to save you time and to bring order to your home by:

  • preparing interactive or digital furniture / room layouts
  • creating more circulation space and adding space saving solutions.
  • creating more storage space with added flexibility.
  • setting up and maintaining storage and filing systems.
  • organising wardrobes, drawers and other clothing storage
  • installing new furniture and household objects
  • introducing changes to soft furnishings and adding colour popping, or simply repairing and cleaning existing items.
  • advice regarding possible alterations, including for the elderly and disabled.
  • removing and recycling/selling unwanted furniture via charity, eBay, Freecycle or similar.
  • arranging off-site storage for those items that one cannot let go of but are too large to store at home.

Whatever your needs, budget or the size of your living space, we can help you put the zing back into your home.