Our Promises

Our client’s peace of mind and trust are at the heart of everything we do.

We make certain commitments to you in regard to the way that we go about our day to day activities and these are covered within our company policies and our terms and conditions. In addition we make certain, more personal, promises to you about the way that we will interact with you at every step of our services. We shall:

  • strive to achieve positive planned outcomes for all clients.
  • be honest and transparent in all our activities
  • never ask for cash or unidentified advance payments
  • provide sound advice in regard to the services that we provide and to other support that is available, but you shall be under no obligation to follow this up, and we have no agreement with any third parties which is one of the many elements that make us unique.
  • never put pressure upon our clients to enter into a contract with us or to make decisions that are not in their interest.
  • uphold the safety and welfare of both our clients and our own team during our services.
  • be polite, courteous and patient at all times, treating our clients with dignity and in a way that we would wish to be treated too.
  • handle all client matters with total confidentiality and respect their privacy.
  • respect our clients’ property and possessions and handle them with care.
  • commit a single point of contact to each client and project so that you always know who you are dealing with and who to contact.
  • on larger projects, delegate a dedicated team so that you always know who is coming and going from your home.
  • always be present when third parties attend your property and always inspect their work upon completion to ensure it is of an acceptable quality and that it meets legal requirements.
  • continuously monitor our services and performance, based on both client and supply chain feedback and strive to improve the way that we work for and with our clients
  • deal with any complaints promptly and professionally.

If you feel that there are areas of our services that we could improve upon or do differently, we are always open to innovative suggestions and welcome constructive comments from our clients and from visitors to our website.