Supply Chain

Our Procurement Policy also covers aspects of our supply chain and we set out below more details of how we go about managing our resource of many preferred and approved suppliers, subcontractors, specialist trades-people, and consultants.

Supply Chain Vetting

When we seek to appoint another company or individual to carry out work for our clients, they are representing Every Home Matters and everything that we stand for. For this reason it is vitally important to us that we have total peace of mind in respect to their capacity to deliver good quality, fairly priced services and products in good time and in a manner that is respectful to all parties and the environment. We go about ensuring that this is possible in the following ways:

  • Prequalification – every individual or company that we use is vetted via our prequalification process which looks at all aspects of how they approach the delivery of their services and skills in respect to such matters as quality, health & safety policy and record, environment, accreditation, industry association memberships and insurances, for example.
  • Supply Chain Approval – only once they have successfully completed the prequalification process does an individual or company become part of our approved supply chain. If they do not meet the required standards we will not use them.
  • Supply Chain Monitoring – our supply chain is regularly monitored to ensure that standards and requirements do not fall and to ensure that insurances are always up to date. Where possible we aim to encourage our suppliers to work with us and to improve continuously.

Supply Chain Values

We expect members of our approved supply chain to respect and hold the same values and vision that we do and for every individual that acts on our behalf to behave in a way that is fair, transparent, honest and lawful. All individuals are expected to handle internal and external business with integrity and to reject any business practice which might be considered improper.

Would you like to become one of Every Home Matters’ approved suppliers?

We are always on the lookout for reputable companies and individuals with whom to work. If you would like to work with us, please contact us so that we can arrange to meet and discuss your services.