Decluttering and home adaptations to aid discharge from hospital

Getting the home ready to see your loved ones settled again when back from hospital can be a busy time for carers and is so beneficial to those we are looking after.

Why Declutter?

Decluttering and organising the home at a time of illness or lack of mobility not only reduces any risks of accidents but enables independent living with the support of carers.

Working with occupational therapists, social workers, and rehabilitation teams we assist patients who are being discharged from hospital. Some cases are individuals who are living alone with no family, whilst others are where the unpaid carer is struggling to cope. Their pride has prohibited any assistance from outside and has meant they were living off the radar, that is until they too become ill..

How we helped declutter Mr R before he left hospital.

One such case was an elderly couple, Mr R was caring for his wife, who had sustained a spinal injury from a road accident and was bedridden. Unfortunately, Mr R now had his own ill health and was awaiting to go in for an operation. Feeling overwhelmed, it is understandable that Mr R was also suffering anxiety and depression, as a result of this the property had become cluttered and neglected.

The social worker had arranged for Mrs to go into a care home, whilst Mr R had his surgery. Before Mr R could be discharged from hospital, the social worker and occupational therapist had asked for EHM to attend the property and clear one of the reception rooms, so that a lifting or turning her. By doing this it would also reduce the stress of Mr R going up and down the stairs.

Whilst carrying out our services, we discovered that there was a strong smell of gas and had to call in British Gas. The mains running from the street and connecting to the gas meter under the stairs was faulty and the property, along with neighbouring properties had to be vacated until it was made safe… it was just as well both Mr and Mrs were being not residing in the property whilst this was all going on!

We are so glad we met them and were able to help create a safe environment for them at home.

Do you need help decluttering and organising your home?

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