When Getting Divorced Keep A Record Of All Your Possessions.

Divorce is often described as a bereavement. Accepting change can be difficult, coming to terms of the loss of a relationship, the home and sentimental possessions can soon fuel our emotions, resulting in aggression, bullying and controlling behaviour. For the person on the receiving end of this hostility, it can be very intimidating and difficult to negotiate the smallest issues, let alone the division of the home and its contents.

By preparing an independent inventory of all the possession at the beginning of the divorce and copying in both solicitors, the assets can be fairly distributed.  Clinging on to possessions of no value out of spite and removing items from the matrimonial home without consent only adds more fuel to the fire.  If a compromise cannot be reached then those items should be gifted or sold so that neither party loses out.

Personal inventories can also be carried out by both parties with the use of inventory applications such as IMMO, mobile inventory system, Inventory For Homeowners by Encircle Inc., or House Mate which has been developed by the charity Shelter.

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When Getting Divorced Keep A Record Of All Your Possessions Blog by Cheryl Carter Every Home Matters