Working through the stress and finding your mojo! Blog by Cheryl Carter

Working through the stress and finding your mojo!

Life can be so stressful and unpredictable, more so when we are up against it and no matter what we do we just cannot find a breakthrough.

Many of my clients, are extremely intelligent, are highflyers with huge responsibilities or deadlines to work to. The adrenaline when we are flying high keeps you going, motivates us, and breeds success. But the more successful we get the more we take on and the more we want to succeed, but at what cost? Add to this any life-changing experiences, ill health, bereavement, or family matters, and the outcome could be devastating.

To lose your job can be devastating, for many people it is their life and offers financial security, more so as they get older. Losing your job can bring on stress, anxiety, depression, knock our confidence and self-esteem and throw us into financial difficulties. The thought of looking for a new job after working in the same environment for years can feel nerve-racking. Not knowing how to optimise that old CV, promote yourself on social platforms like LinkedIn, apply for jobs or attend interviews can make us feel inadequate.

For sole traders and entrepreneurs, the pressure can feel even worse, as they cannot afford to be ill, and this only adds to the pressure and stress. Working alone can also be isolating and when things get hard it can be easy to lose motivation and direction.

In an egotistical and competitive work environment, admitting that we are struggling can be perceived as a weakness. Accepting that we are not coping can be hard to accept and many people will live in denial. In doing so stress builds up or they may look for other ways to enhance their performance, and this can then lead to illnesses.

So, when is the right time to ask for help and how can we recognise the signs before it is too late? Finding coping strategies and altering our mindset to new ways of thinking and behaving can help ease the stress and open our minds to new ideas and opportunities.

Therefore, it is important to have someone who can understand the stress that we are experiencing both in our personal and professional life. Finding an experienced business coach with the understanding of a life coach brings the support and guidance to navigate through the many paths that lead us through to better times.

Since setting up Every Home Matters, I have networked at many wonderful events and had the pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals. I have found support and friendships from these events very supportive, and still keep in touch with and attend many. One such event has brought a new way of networking to the forefront and that is Contacts and Cocktails online networking.

The host, Jo James, who is a business coach and author of Make Your Mondays Matter, has so much positive energy that it is contagious and being an NLP Master Practitioner, she has the knowledge and expertise to assist anyone to rediscover themselves, particularly when it comes to business.

For further information take a look at Jo’s website: or contact her directly by email here