Benefits of Every Home Matters Blog by Cheryl Carter Every Home Matters

Are you looking for extra support for a family member? Do you need support with independent living?

Here are some of the many benefits of Every Home Matters and how we help our clients.

✅  Supporting clients through life-changing situations; illness, age, disabilities, bereavement, mental health issues

✅  Supporting clients in managing and keeping on top of general maintenance and cleanliness of the home, thus preventing squalor

✅  Improving the living environment and clients’ well-being

✅  Reducing the risk of fire from hoarding

✅  Combatting loneliness and isolation

✅  Improving clients’ confidence and self-esteem

✅  Optimising the value of the home

✅  Protecting clients’ valuable possessions by working with auction houses and insurance companies

✅  Preventing scams and exploitation by rogue traders

✅  Preventing eviction orders with landlords and Housing Associations

✅  Protecting, signposting, and safeguarding vulnerable clients

✅  Signposting to professional organisations for additional support

✅  No discriminating – all clients are treated the same

✅  Offering services inclusive of private clients and those on benefits

✅  Assisting clients with illness or disabilities in moving home

✅  Working with hospitals in arranging the home for patients to be discharged

✅  Working with solicitors in supporting their private clients

✅  Releasing housing stock from those who need assistance in downsizing/moving

✅  Supporting unpaid carers who are struggling to keep on top of everything

✅  Supporting busy families who do not have time to organise support or carry out adaptations for loved ones who are living on their own

✅  Working closely and supporting charitable organisations

✅  Recycling possessions which can then be used for those on low income, refugees or the homeless