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Overwhelmed with paperwork? How we helped stop circumstantial hoarding.

About the Client

“Mr and Mrs M are a a retired couple living alone in a large 3-bedroom house. Mr M is in his 90’s, has dementia, is hard of hearing and has suffers night terrors ever since serving in the forces. Mrs M who was also in her 90’s was an accountant and had always managed their finances and investments, however, she has been unable to do so due to memory loss and poor eyesight.

Their Challenge

Mr and Mrs M’S solicitor had contacted Every Home Matters as they had been clients of this firm for some time. They had previously prepared their Wills and Power of Attorney and were in the process of trying to sort out their finances.

Up until recently Mrs M was dealing with the various investments and finances herself. However, she has had problems with her health lately and also found it difficult to see. She needed help with going through her paperwork. We need to obtain details in order to complete her tax returns so that they did not incur penalties.

On carrying out a free consultation it was clear to see that they were struggling to manage everything, and Mrs M was feeling overwhelmed.

How Every Home Matters Helped.

While investigating the property, EHM ascertained that Mrs M had been having falls, so we recommended having a personal alarm which she later agreed to and we referred via social services. Their daughter had a very demanding job which meant that she could not be there to organise anything for her parents, so we kept her informed and involved at all times.

Mrs M, mentioned that there were a number of items that needed to be disposed off and possibly need valuing for insurance purposes and proceeded to show us around the property.

Circumstantial hoarding

Circumstantial hoarding was visible, with paperwork scattered everywhere, particularly on the floor which was extremely hazardous. The bedrooms were also cluttered with books and clothing, it was unclear to know what was clean or what was dirty. The bed linen did not look like it had been changed for some time, nor had a hoover or duster been used.

Liaising with their daughter and solicitor, we managed to collate all the necessary documents and forward this to them. We then filed the remaining paperwork and removed all trip hazards and fire risks.

Over a period, Mrs M’s memory and hearing deteriorated further, and she was becoming more confused, so their daughter asked for us to source care providers in the area, on her behalf.

Carers were appointed, but eventually it became apparent that a live-in carer would be required.

Their daughter looked at the options of adapting the property to suit her parent’s needs, but eventually had to place them both in a care home, as her father’s dementia, wandering and night terrors meant that he was now becoming a risk to himself.

Initially Mr M moved to the care home by himself but could not settle as the separation from Mrs M was too much for him, so Mrs M also moved to the care home where they had adjoining rooms.  They are together and being looked after and are settling well now in their new home.

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