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Widowed and no family available to assist with downsizing

Mrs S and her husband had lived in their family home for sixty years. They had raised their family there, celebrated many milestone occasions, and shared many happy moments. Mr S had worked in a bank and so they entertained many friends and colleagues.

Then a year ago Mr S passed away and left a big void for Mrs S as they meant everything to each other. They doted on their children, who were now grown up with children of their own and had busy lifestyles and demanding careers; so dealing with his possessions was not only painful but very difficult.

Mrs S’s financial consultant who is a SOLLA member had recommended our services as Mrs S had decided to move and needed assistance with downsizing and facilitating the move.

  • We worked with Mrs S to ascertain items of value via auction before decluttering and donating possessions to charity shops.
  • Room planning to ascertain what items of furniture to take or dispose of.
  • Sympathetically and respectfully managing the disposal of Mr S’s possessions.
  • Change of address notification to services and organisations including medical professionals, utilities and media services
  • Project managing the day of the move
  • Arranged exit and entry cleaning ( including curtain cleaning, oven cleaning)
  • Unpacking and putting everything away – home to home service, so that the client feels at home that very same day
  • We avoid clients moving to a property with too many possession, unpacked boxes and clutter. By organising and managing the move this way we avoid anxiety, stress, clutter, trip and fire hazards.
  • We make sure that on the day there are emergency facilities put in place, eg phones, personal alarms and if required will signpost to social services or other organisations for additional support.
  • We arranged for all media to be set up
  • Organised a cleaning service and a gardener

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