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Fear of Loneliness and Isolation in Death

An increasing population means an increasing number of people living alone and in isolation, and their fear of something happening to them without anyone knowing can cause terrible anxiety.

As an estate agent, I witnessed many upsetting scenarios such as this, but it still shocks me when I must face one of the most difficult tasks my profession can present and walk into a home where someone has died alone.

Today was one such scenario, as I accompanied a specialist company which enters these situations on a regular basis. Sadly, the resident had died almost two months ago and remained undiscovered until only recently. Although her body had been removed, the odour and the abundance of flies and maggots were overwhelming.


Naturally, it was heartbreaking to think that someone might have to endure such an undignified experience after passing away. However, as families and communities break down and cuts in social services become more severe, it’s a sorry fact that we are only going to see instances such as these arising more often.

Therefore, it’s crucial that we make time for our neighbours and our loved ones, particularly those in circumstances of vulnerability; no one should have to leave this world only to be left in such a state without the respect and dignity they deserve.

The clearance and deep clean of a property in such circumstance, as mentioned, is treated no differently and with the same respect, dignity, and professionalism that we offer whatever the scenario.

Working closely with executors and solicitors we organise probate valuations, both for the property and the shackles. Once the items of value have been established, we will organise their distribution to the beneficiaries, along with any legal or professional documents and other personal effects. If they are to be sold, then we will oversee the safe delivery to the auction house, whilst the remaining items will then be donated to charities, hostels, and homeless shelters.

We can help

We can then provide an exit clean, deep clean, or in such circumstances as mentioned previously this may even include fumigation. To optimise the selling price of the property, we are conscious that first impressions are important, so clearing the garden and making it presentable along with any other areas of the property can also be project managed.

Clearing any property of all its contents, at a time of loss can be a stressful and daunting prospect. We offer a professional and discrete service for times when our clients need this support, and we can complete the work causing you as little disruption as possible.

Clearing the property

The disposal of all cleared items and waste is carried out in an ethical manner and in line with environmental legislation. Items, substances, and materials deemed to be hazardous to health are always disposed of in line with COSHH regulations. Everything else is disposed of thoughtfully via charity outlets and recycling as much as is possible to avoid the use of landfill and where landfill is unavoidable our Environment Agency approved waste carrier service will ensure that a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Certificate is presented.

Probate Process

Please look at the links below, which provide professional advice when dealing with the probate process…

A guide to the probate process: https://www.mackrell.com/pdf/mackrell-guide-to-the-probate-process.pdf

Guide to RIC – Probate Valuation (Philip Arnold): https://www.philliparnoldauctions.co.uk/article/guide-to-RICS-probate-valuations/

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