How mother nature can teach us so much.

Life is constantly changing, and we need to be able to adapt to those situations as and when they arise. This is easier said than done and when we are in the thick of it, it can be hard to see that when life is stagnant, we need to look at ways to move forward. Like stagnant water, nothing will grow or change, but rot and decay!

Loss of any kind can be hard to come to terms with and we look for answers around us questioning what we could have done differently or why this has happened. By doing so we are focusing our thoughts on the negative emotions which will only keep us trapped in those negative thoughts and it can lead to a downward spiral.

Everyone is on their own journey and their perspective of events differs from one person to another, so searching for answers from anyone will not help you as they have not lived through your personal experience.

The way we can move forward is to go with the flow, ride the storm, feel the pain, and release it along with all the hurt, cry, meditating, exercise, spend time in nature, be creative but most importantly of all do not stay still!

Keep love in your heart and learn to love yourself, forgive those that have hurt you or that you have lost and give thanks for them being in your life.

Behind every situation, even the most painful is a lesson that we must learn and put to use in helping others. We are all creatures of the universe and If look to mother nature, it is the basics of survival and looking after ourselves, and staying rooted that we must not forget.

Instead of looking for answers to situations, we must look for solutions, for practicing love, compassion and kindness not only helps us to heal but also helps others and so creates a ripple effect at the same time.

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Mother Nature Can Teach Us So Much blog by Cheryl Carter Every Home Matters