What to do with immense feelings of loss

In a world surrounded by people and social media, you can still feel alone. To grow up in a family whether unconditionally loved or not, having others around you to interact with, stimulate the mind and encourage change for good or bad reasons, is an interaction that makes us move forward. However, to unexpectedly find yourself in a situation where it is all stripped away from you can be heartbreaking and the feeling of grief and loss can be overwhelming.

It is in this time of strife and an immense feeling of loss that we should try and look at it from a different perspective … for everything we experience in life is a lesson.

What are we being taught?

The mind can start playing tricks on us and we can start overthinking things and the anxiety and depression can start to dig its nasty claws in. Feeling isolated can add to this and before you know it you start withdrawing from the social activities you once loved and life seems so different.

It is in times of strife and the immense feeling of loss that we must learn to let go and see this as a stripping away of the old that no longer serves us. My father always described life as a journey either on the train of life with new people and experiences arriving and departing at each station, or as a book with each new day representing a new page and each new chapter a fresh start. However we perceive it, this is a time to become independent, review our relationships, become financially independent, find ourselves, and grow.

Your journey.

Although confiding in someone and taking medication can ease some of the symptoms we experience, it is not the answer. Everyone’s journey is their own and how they deal with it depends on them. Other people do not have the answers and addictions and medication only suppress the emotions rather than helping us face the demons head-on and combat them.

Whether we call it mindfulness or meditation, exercise, being in nature and letting our intuition guide us, will help guide us through the storm. We have all been conditioned to view loss of any kind as a negative experience; perhaps we should change this and see the positives that growth of any kind can only occur with endings, for this is the cycle of life.

Whatever the circumstances we should try and see it as a positive opportunity to find our true selves. We should embrace the changes in our life; feel the fear, for what could be worse than staying in a stagnant world of grief, negativity, or bitterness.

The vision of new beginnings and moving to pastures new with new adventures and experiences could open the door to happiness and love if we allow it! We come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing, so feel the fear and do it anyway. We get one life so live it to the fullest; we spend a long time dead!

What to do with immense feelings of loss. Blog by Cheryl Carter Ever Home Matters