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Hoarding and no one would have a clue?

About the Client Miss B is a middle-aged woman living alone and in isolation, in a one-bedroom, top floor apartment. The apartment forms part of a four-storey block of flats with no lift and is owned by a Housing Association. Her challenge. Miss B had been abused as a child, experienced heartache and several bereavements, including that of her mother who she had cared for, in her apartment, in the later part of her life. Being unable to cope with the overwhelming emotions of loss and betrayal, led to anxiety and depression, resulting in hoarding tendencies. Having watched television [...]

Decluttering and home adaptations to aid discharge from hospital

Getting the home ready to see your loved ones settled again when back from hospital can be a busy time for carers and is so beneficial to those we are looking after. Why Declutter? Decluttering and organising the home at a time of illness or lack of mobility not only reduces any risks of accidents but enables independent living with the support of carers. Working with occupational therapists, social workers, and rehabilitation teams we assist patients who are being discharged from hospital. Some cases are individuals who are living alone with no family, whilst others are where the unpaid [...]

Overwhelmed with paperwork? Help to stop circumstantial hoarding.

Overwhelmed with paperwork? How we helped stop circumstantial hoarding. About the Client “Mr and Mrs M are a a retired couple living alone in a large 3-bedroom house. Mr M is in his 90’s, has dementia, is hard of hearing and has suffers night terrors ever since serving in the forces. Mrs M who was also in her 90’s was an accountant and had always managed their finances and investments, however, she has been unable to do so due to memory loss and poor eyesight. Their Challenge Mr and Mrs M’S solicitor had contacted Every Home Matters as they [...]

Case Study 5: “Mrs H” Downsizing property after the death of her husband

About the Client “Mrs H” is an elderly lady, who is looking to downsize her property after the death of her husband. She contacted Every Home Matters for emotional support as she had to give up some of the family possessions as well as the logistics required in moving. Their Challenge Mrs H and her husband had lived in the family home for several decades but her husband’s passing had motivated her to move on. Their children, who were now grown up with children of their own, had busy lifestyles and demanding careers so sorting through Mr H’s possessions [...]

Widowed and no family available to assist with downsizing

Widowed and no family available to assist with downsizing Mrs S and her husband had lived in their family home for sixty years. They had raised their family there, celebrated many milestone occasions, and shared many happy moments. Mr S had worked in a bank and so they entertained many friends and colleagues. Then a year ago Mr S passed away and left a big void for Mrs S as they meant everything to each other. They doted on their children, who were now grown up with children of their own and had busy lifestyles and demanding careers; so [...]

Taking care of Mum and Dad for you when your job won’t let you.

Taking care of Mum and Dad for you, when your job won't let you. We were called in via an elderly clients’ solicitor to assist in collating some vital paperwork. Our clients are an elderly couple, Mr R being 90 years old and his wife 85 years old. Mr R has dementia and has suffered PTSD since the war, and Mrs R was having falls and losing her memory, and was Mr R's sole carer. Their only child lived miles away and had a high-flying job that demanded most of their time thus making it difficult to look after [...]

Case Study 3: “Mr P” Social Services appointed us to manage the logistics of his move. 

Case Study 3 'Mr P': Social Services appointed us to manage the logistics of his move. About the Client “Mr P” is an elderly gentleman living with his dog in a three-bedroom property that he owns outright. He is infirm, struggles to walk upstairs using two walking sticks, and also suffers from self-neglect. He has a son who has previously physically abused him and exploited him, and there is currently a restraining order in place. Their Challenge Mr. P had been served a court order to vacate his premises but he was unwilling to do this or even engage [...]

Case Study 2: “Mr B” From Cleaning to Counselling to support independent living

From Cleaning to Counselling to support independent living About the Client “Mr B” is a retired gentleman living alone in a large 3 bedroom house. He is a former builder, however, he has been unable to look after himself or his property since the death of his wife, 3 years previously. Their Challenge Mr B had previously been hospitalized following several falls, and was suffering from a mental health condition. Every Home Matters had been contacted by social services, and a free consultation was arranged, in the presence of a social worker. The social worker had no knowledge of [...]

Case Study 1: “Miss C” Finding a new, more habitable home for this elderly lady

Finding a new more habitable home. About the Client: Miss C. “Miss C” is an 84-year-old lady, living alone. She has no family living nearby and rents her property from a Landlord. She suffers from anxiety and has been on long-term medication for this, and due to her age and health had become very isolated from the community. Their Challenge Every Home Matters was contacted by Miss C whose landlord had claimed the break clause. A break clause is a provision in a lease that enables either the landlord or the tenant, or both, to end the lease early. [...]

 Coping with illness and disability while moving home

 Coping with illness and disability while moving home "Our wonderful experience with Cheryl Carter and Every Home Matters"   By Mr D (Merton) "During the late summer of 2015, we were notified by our landlord that he would be selling his property that my wife and I had rented from him for 11 years. Since I was undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, and my wife had just had her knee replaced, we were in no condition to move or vacate. We applied for council and charitable housing immediately, but none was available. The landlord extended his plans to help accommodate us, [...]

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